Microsoft is l33t

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2005 · 1 comment

in Sci-Tech

This just blows my mind.  I’d have never imagined in a hundred years that the Microsoft site would have a primer for l33t speak and terms.  The mind boggles.

(Image was a GIS for l33t…bonus points for having Eric from Eric Conveys an Emotion)

“m4d sk1llz” or “mad skills”: Refers to one’s own talent. “m4d” itself is often used for emphasis.

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  • Shadow Stalker

    “It’s important to remember that the leetspeek community encourages new forms and awards individual creativity.” What?  Is there a 1337 Academy now?

    I’m kind of surprised that Microsoft would have “warez” highest on their list of concerning words: “The first series is of particular concern, as their use could be an indicator that your teenager is involved in the theft of intellectual property, particularly licensed software.”

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