Nanaca Crash!

by alphamonkey on February 23, 2005 · 9 comments

in Audio Visual,Diversions,Games

I often think aloud: Why isn’t there a game for me and my lifestyle? A game where you ram your bike into someone just to see how far they’ll go! 

Thankfully, my prayers have been answered in the form of Nanaca Crash, a (I think) Japanese game that will once again prove that what the West considers insane and psychopathic behavior, the East considers popular culture.  (And we love you for it!)

1469.52m is my record so far.  How ‘bout you?  And while we’re at it…any Japanese fluent folk out there willing to give a translation of the instructions and character bios?

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  • drgonzoguitar



    Damn evil game….

  • mccall

    109 000 and something

  • mccall

    Whoops, one zero too much. However, made a new personal record, 30 000 and something

  • darthabyssos

    addicting as hell

  • Jared

    There is no possible way you have over 30,000. I’ve played this game for almost 2 years now, and I have done my fair share of nice ones. However, I only have a record of 6,509.45m. So I find no possible way that there is a record over 10,000. I only play it when I’m bored, so that I don’t get addicted. Which is usually about 30 minutes a day after school. So over 30,000 is a lie and you know it, if not, show a picture.

  • elkciN

    Maybe he meant decimeters?

  • Me



    I win!

  • Grey Acumen

    The highest score I ever got was 10889.99m

    I took a screenshot, and put it up here:

    This was back in March 8th ’05, I haven’t played it much since then. I say 30,000 is totally believable.

  • Meh

    Lol, people you are funny, my personal record is about 8k, but a friend made 13k (and i saw the pic! but it was some time ago)

    If your record is 6k doesnt means anything over 10k is a lie, it just means you are too dumb to do better than that

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