So your hobby is fire?

by alphamonkey on February 1, 2005 · 3 comments

in Stupid People

Meet Brian “Mr. Inferno” Concannon.  His hobbys are BMX bikes, cliff jumping, and painting.  Oh yeah, and fire.  More specifically, doing those aforementioned things while ON FIRE.  But he’s no professional stuntman, no.  More like a daredevil hobbyist. 

His motto?  He would rather live one day as an eagle than a lifetime as a sparrow.  Mainly because its his greatest skill and he wants to achieve something in life.  (Which I think translates to ‘because I failed shop class.”)

Be sure to watch the video clips of his painting whilst on fire.  Classic stuff. 

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    hey, he is the world’s only extreme danger artist! give him the props he deserves, for being the only jackass to set himself on fire and then try and paint. it’s too bad it wasn’t modeling paint.

    god bless the internet for giving these american idol rejects a place to display their talents and desire for attention.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    I was a bad kid when I was 16. I started hanging out with the wrong crew and I became a bit of a kleptomaniac, but never violent or below the belt.

    stay away from the drugs buddy… they’re bamaging yer drain

  • Shadow Stalker

    There’s nothing like seeing a man on fire apathetically finger painting to really take the fun out of it.  Fealty is right, he should have used oil paints for his “masterpiece.”

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