The Laziest Post in the World

by alphamonkey on February 4, 2005 · 18 comments

in Miscellany

We’ve studiously avoided doing list posts, but I like this meme that’s going about and it gives us a chance to learn a little bit more about each other.

So here’s the game: Open up your media player of choice, queue up your entire digital music library and hit random play.  What are the first 10 titles to come up?  List ‘em in the comments but no selective editing!  No matter how embarassing you think a song might be, keep it honest.  Sometimes those goofy indulgence songs bring us all together.

Here’s my 10:

1. Elvis Costello and the Attractions: B-Movie (Can’t go wrong with Costello.)

2. Cornelius : The Fight (Yes, I own the Heroes & Villans: Powerpuff Girls Soundtrack. Deal with it, hipsters.)

3. Nicolai Dunger: I’d Rather Die (wow..I was really happy that came up…I love love love this song.)

4. Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back (Holy crap! Winamp, you’re the best!)

5. Silver Convention: Fly, Robin, Fly (Oh 70’s box set…why is you so good?)

6. Johhny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues – Live from San Quentin (This is eerie….I think Winamp is reading my mind)

7. Uncle Tupelo: Slate (Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.)

8. The Rolling Stones: I’m Alright. (Yea! Live Stones before teh suck set in!)

9. The Replacements: Can’t Hardly Wait. (Hmm….monkey needs a beer for this one. Here’s to you, Paul Westerberg!)

10. The Rolling Stones: Country Honk (Monkey… in heaven. I love you, Winamp!)

Wow. It took until about song 25 for me to find something that straddled the embarassing line. And believe me, there’s a lot of that stuff in my music folders. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll have to explain my Last Dragon Soundtrack and why I have The Starlight Vocal Band’s Afternoon Delight. 

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  • Cananopie

    1.) Zebrahead- Now or Never (Really great band that incorporates rap and punk. Not a big fan of the newest CD)

    2.)Tom Tom Club- Genius of Love (Talking Heads was the first band I really got into, so naturally I have to have some Tom Tom Club on here)

    3.)The Stranglers- Peaches (The Stranglers are pretty random, I only know this song and Golden Brown. Both are good)

    4.)Blur- Song 2. (Oh come on, like you don’t have it too)

    5.)The Postal Service- Sleeping In (My girlfriend likes them, and this song is one I like too.)

    6.)…… Ying Yang Twins- Whistle While you Twerk Remix. (GROSS. I would NOT have this on my playlist naturally. My brother totally worships rap. I hate it with a passion. So this is my embarrassing one.)

    7.) Dead Milkmen- I walk the thinnest line. (If you don’t have Dead Milkmen on your playlist you should)

    8.)The Clash- Janie Jones. (Once again, if you don’t have the Clash on your playlist, you should.)

    9.)Stan Ridgeway- Drive, She Said. (I highly doubt anyone else has this song on their playlist. This is the lead singer of the song “Mexican Radio” singing about a female bank robber.)

    10.)Refreshments – Banditos (KILLER song)

  • drgonzoguitar

    1) Allman Brothers Band- Live (1976) – Jessica – (Only one guitarist…Dickey Betts….Chuck Levell playing the harmony guitar part…)

    2) Black Crowes – Thorn In My Pride (Acoustic)-(Yeah….a guilty pleasure..)

    3) David Grisman Quintet – Live 4-22-77 – Japan – (Bluegrass/acoustic jazz on speed…)

    4) Tower of Power – What’s Your Trip – (Ok ok…I have a soft spot in my heart for funk. I live in the Twin Cities, home of Prince.  You have to acknolwedge funk by law in Minnesota….)

    5) Doyle Bramhall II – Ain’t Goin’ Down Slow – (Fun album…post rehab for Doyle…produced by Wendy and Lisa of Prince fame….)

    6) Gram Parsons – Hearts on Fire – (I was introduced to Gram Parsons’ music properly….after a pack of cigs and pint of gin.  I suggest everyone else do the same…well the gin part anyway…..)

    7) Paul McCartney – Driving Rain – (Im a sucker for fab four pop……)

    8) Bob Dylan – It Ain’t Me Babe – (Classic Dylan….an acoustic guitar and a harmonica…)

    9) Amiee Mann – Momentum – (I have permission from my wife to leave her for Amiee Mann if the opportunity arises…)

    10) Bruce Hornsby – The Show Goes On – (Yeah….this one is a bit embarassing…..)

    1500 hundred songs in my Winamp player now…only a couple of embarassing tunes….I can live with that….

  • Davion

    Damn I can’t randomize.  me so dupid

  • Shadow Stalker

    You need an iPod Shuffle.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    just got a new laptop, not tons of selection right now, mostly live shows I’ve downloaded.

    bob dylan w/ janis joplin- it aint me babe(live)odd quinkydink, this is just great

    jassy grazz- burning down the house (live at the hippie hill hoodang) small indiana band I met at this festival

    mars volta- check em out

    galactic- shibuyu. if you like fusion rock this is the shit

    johnny lee hooker- back biters and the syndicate, I’m still sick he cancelled his last show and I still went and then he died.

    tricky- black steel in the hour of chaos, I first hated this remake, but I love it now.

    roots- p’s and q’s

    nirvana- serve the servants- box set, the box set is tits.

    sublime- saw red (acoustic, and live)

    theme from smokey and the bandit, east bound and down. just seeing it got me singing it.

    umphrey’s Mcgee- no opener live 12/31/04. these guys are great, a nice blend of rock and rave.

  • japhy

    1. bjork – so broken (live acustic, flamenco guitar and just one of her best vocal performaance)

    2. lali puna – n.a. (don’t have the title of this one, but she is singin a sort of advertising on newspaper, awesome)

    3. douglas spotted eagle – intro (not very significant, but this is a flute and percussion album, plus native chants)

    4. marvin gaye – distant lover (live, a genius)

    5. front 242 – animal (not one of my favorite of them, but i can live with it)

    6. marylin manson – beautiful people (i guess this is the embarassing one… adored very first album, this one isn’t very bad just for the production of trent)

    7. tapeworm – chemicals (speakin of the devil, i love this man, in a intellectual way)

    8. john cage – music for marcel duchamp (weird stuff)

    9. ani di franco – sorry i am (random function doesnt leave her out, NEVER! i love it just for that)

    10. sydney bechet – petite fleur (what a musician, a classic)

    ps: great idea, so i can explore a bit of new stuff, i’m always curious bout music

    pps: in a way i don’t have embarassing stuff on my gf pc, so it was easy this time, when i get hold of my mp3 hard drive it will be a fun one ;0)

  • Shadow Stalker

    1.  Men At Work — Land Down Under (Makes me hungry for Vegemite)

    2.  Richard O’Brien — Super Heroes (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

    3.  REM — Everybody Hurts (What?)

    4.  The Powerpuff Girls — Love Makes the World Go ‘Round (This was from the episode with the two-tone clown who drained the color from everything…nevermind)

    5.  Stan Rogers — Barrett’s Privateers (Ripped from an LP an old musician/director friend of mine had)

    6.  Frank Sinatra — World on a String (Who doesn’t have some Sinatra?)

    7.  Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny — Take Her In Your Arms (and tell ‘er that you love ‘er)

    8.  Lucky Boys Confusion — Dumb Pop Song (A friend from Chicago turned me on to them)

    9.  “Weird” Al Yankovic — Spam (This man is a genius)

    10. Survivor — Eye of the Tiger (I love cheesy title songs)

    Nothing too embarassing there.  I got lucky.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, you did. I’ve heard the hellmouth burps that come up with you hit the shuffle function. Heh.

  • bellstreetbomb

    Davion…must point out that I shuffle, even though my player’s not an iPod. What’s wit you? I have about 2k songs on my Zen and I haven’t added anything new on there in about a year (hey, I’m a busy girls). Anyway, I think my list puts validates the term “random” as a play mode:

    1. Elvis – Are You Lonesome Tonight

    2. Bjork – It’s not up to You

    3. Salt ‘n’ Pepa – Very Necessary

    4. Bright Eyes – Saturday as Usual

    5. Norcheeba – Coming down Gently

    6. Blondie – Call Me

    7. Sahara Hotnights – Bit by Beautiful Teeth

    8. Kid Rock – American Badass

    9. Nancy Sinatra – Lightning’s Girl

    10. DJ Danger Mouse – Interlude (from Grey Album)

  • taylorlove586

    1) Radiohead – No Surprises

    2) As I Lay Dying – 94 Hours

    3) Sublime – Paddle Out

    4) Bleeding Through – Wake of Orion

    5) Ani Difranco – Gratitude

    6) Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache

    7) Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special

    8) Damien Rice – Volcano

    9) Trick Daddy featuring Ludacris – Sugar (hah..)

    10) The Darkness – Growing on me

    Alright.. so really only 9 and 10 are guilty pleasures… I got pretty lucky with the random.. because there is so much more embarrassing stuff in my sonique player.

  • .alphamonkey.

    No! You shouldn’t be ashamed of The Darkness…I adore that album.

  • taylorlove586

    Well.. my boyfriend has convinced me that I should be very ashamed… stupid rock guitarists.. they all think they’re so unique.. smile

  • .alphamonkey.

    He’s just jealous he can’t play like that, nor do that kick ass jet engine falsetto.  I know I am.

  • taylorlove586

    He certainly should be.

  • Davion

    I still can’t get it to randomize!!!!!

    Damn you Windows Media Player!

  • ZolarCzakl

    Alright, out of 1807 mp3s and almost 106 hours of music languishing on my hard drive, here are the first 10 that showed up on random, no shit:

    1 – Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (I’m not really even a fan)

    2 – Lightning Bolt – Devil In The Deep (Crazy-ass drums and guitar rock by guys that wear ski-masks)

    3 – Al Hirt – Green Hornet Theme (Made more famous recently in Kill Bill)

    4 – Yo La Tengo – Everyday (Tony Orlando cover)

    5 – Agents of Oblivion – House of the Rising Sun (From a strange website that has 250 versions of people doing this song… don’t really know anything about Agents of Oblivion)

    6 – Ice T – Police Story (From that Black Flag tribute album)

    7 – Melk the G6-49 – Henry (They describe themselves as “sounding like a Christian Marclay-ed Melvins 12” crossfaded with a Ruins cover of Music for Airports.” Makes you want to check them out, eh?)

    8 – Wilco – Ashes of American Flags (alternate version)

    9 – Soul Junk – All Men Are Grass (Crazy-genius-indie-hip-hop-noise-rock for Jesus)

    10 – British Sea Power – Apologies to Insect Life (This is the best song on their album. How lucky.)

    Alphamonkey may think that the Soul-Junk showing up was rigged, but it’s not true!

    So there you go.

  • sparky

    1. The Delta 72 – I Feel Fine

    2. William Shatner – Common People

    3. The Fiery Furnaces – Single Again

    4. Ben Lee – Catch My Disease

    5. The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart

    6. Bloc Party – Banquet

    7. The Thrills – Whatever Happened to Corey Haim

    8. Rogue Wave – Nourishment Nation

    9. Grandaddy – Broken Household Appliance National Forest

    10. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Me and Mia

    ooh, I feel like such a hipster.

  • japhy

    like i said, here is the list that comes out from my personal hd collection (around 2000 tunes, and i still have to add half of my cd’s in it)definetly more eclectic than the previous one where it was all gooood…

    mogwai – hunted by a freak (i like em… what can i say)

    amon tobin – chocolate lovely (weird stuff, great dj tho)

    leonard cohen – teachers (a classic)

    lauren hill – sweetes thing (she did a great album then disappeard, wonder why)

    ani difranco – hell yeah (what did i say in the previous post? rasberry)

    Helmet – enemies (not one of their best thing, actually pretty bad)

    funkstorung – dirty empire (i like em alot, ninjatunes why they never publish someone so and so, but just great people? such a great label)

    thievery corporation – resolution (i saw them mixing live and also with a vocalist and pc’s and they are awesome)

    devendra banhart – rejoicing the hands (i have a mixed feeling about him… cannot decide if i like him lots or not, mah)

    sofa surfers – cargo (to end joyfully with a bit more of electronic, well it’s my digital period ok rasberry)

    to be honest the first shameful entry comes at n.49 with big in japan performed by guano apes… but just because for limited room i did a good cleaning recently wink

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