Thundercats: Sometimes it’s possible to love something a little too much

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2005 · 4 comments

in Audio Visual,News,Stupid People

I’ll confess: I never liked the Thundercats.  The heroes were whiney and lame, and Mumm-Ra had to be the stupidest villian this side of Phyllis Diller on the Bugaloos.  My disdain for all things Snarf is not shared the the group behind this next clip, however.  Yes, some enterprising souls put together a live-action Thundercats trailer on a budget of (and I’m guessing here) roughly 7 dollars.

This actually makes the Live Action Role Playing nerds look cool.

(link found via Screenhead)

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    oh wow… where do they breed these people?

    when will we learn that nostalgia is latin for “couldn’t think of anything better.”

  • that guy

    stuff like this is the reason god hates us

  • Davion

    I meant this video, sorry.  I’ve been doing the multitasking thing.

  • fullmetal

    You are proabbly A guy, Let me warn you, NEVER MULTITASK! It’s bad for your brain!

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