Tonight at the Iraqi Detention Camp: Foxxxy Mud Wrestling!

by alphamonkey on February 8, 2005 · 4 comments

in Sexuality,Stupid People

So, yeah.  Apparently back in October some female soldiers at Camp Bucca (our largest detention camp in Iraq) got together and threw a mud-wrestling match.  One of the women (Deanna Allen) has been demoted for indecent exposure.  The best bit? Several guards who watched the wrestling have been reprimanded for failing to intervene.

Yah, like any heterosexual male in the world would try to stop that, gun or no.

No image, so here’s some puppies.

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  • sparky
  • sarahlee71083

    Hey, I was there, and the only thing wrong with that whole night was the chick who flashed. But, she was pressured a little bit ‘cause none of the other chicks would do it. But anyway, it was a fun night

  • sparky

    thanks, davion. and that’s a great idea downloading the pics, especially since they’re on my web space and I don’t think I can sustain them for very long.

  • Davion

    well keep on finding the great material, and I’m sure Alpha can take care of your space needs.

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