Top 50 Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

by alphamonkey on February 12, 2005 · 14 comments

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After alphamonkey regaled us with the top 50 death scenes, I did a little searching and found this wonderful little list from the people at FILMCRITIC.COM So come get your Sci-fi Geek on and let’s debate!

1.  Star Wars Trilogy

2.  2001

3.  Blade Runner

4.  Brazil

5.  E.T.

6.  Wizard of Oz

7.  Metropolis

8.  The Matrix

9.  A Clockwork Orange

10. Alien

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

12. 12 Monkeys

13. A.I.

14. Dark City

15. Minority Report

16. Back to the Future Trilogy

17. Terminator/T2

18. Mad Max Trilogy

19. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

20. Aliens

21. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

22. Total Recall

23. Ghostbusters

24. La Jetee

25. Robocop

26. Solaris

27. Gremlins

28. The Day the Earth Stood Still

29. A Voyage to the Moon

30. Forbidden Planet

31. The Princess Bride

32. THX 1138

33. Starship Troopers

34. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

35. The Night Before Christmas

36. Delicatessen

37. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

38. Army of Darkness

39. Planet of the Apes

40. Gattaca

41. The City of Lost Children

42. The Iron Giant

43. Logan’s Run

44. The War of the Worlds

45. Spirited Away

46. Ghost in the Shell

47. The Matrix Reloaded

48. Small Soldiers

49. Conan the Barbarian

50. Akira

While I agree with much of the list there are some issues that I have.  I have trouble with some of the rankings (for instance I would have put Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Army of Darkness higher on the list).  That’s a small problem compared to the movies that don’t belong however.  How in the hell do Minority Report, A.I., Small Soldiers, and Starship Troopers merit being on this list (personally I don’t see how any movie starring Denise Richards can be included on any top 50 list).  I also have a problem with Brazil and 12 Monkeys making the list but leaving off Time Bandits which I think is a superior film.  I also would have included Contact, Ladyhawke, and Excalibur.  My final point of contention involves where the list also bogs down in Anime hell towards the end.  Now I hate Anime, but even if I didn’t it’s still a separate genre that shouldn’t be represented on this list.

All that said, I do find the list very impressive and applaud them for including a wide variety of films including Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Comedy (I’d never think to put Ghostbusters on this list, but I sure can’t argue with the decision).

**One final note to all those who voted in the Star Wars v Lord of the Rings poll in the Forums, I happily ask you to notice that SW is ranked exactly 20 spots higher than LOR.  As Vader might say, “Who’s your daddy?”

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  • japhy

    i have some serious doubt about the top ten, but it’s personal like every other ranking…

    but i don’t like at all the mixing btw sci-fi and fantasy, i mean conan???

    and it’s obvious that he got a fetish with some director…

    i personally would place blade runner, kubrik, metropolis at the top three

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’m okay with the blurring of lines between Sci-Fi and Fantasy, if for no other reason that Sci-Fi films rarely live up the name as it’s supposed to mean. 

    All in all, a solid list.  I wouldn’t argue with the list, just maybe a quibble or two over placement.

    Thundarr, I know you’re mildly retarded when it comes to cinema, so it’s no suprise you still don’t recognize A.I. as the genius work it truly is. Minority Report and Starship Troopers do deserve to be on that list, as well.

    As for your hatred of Anime, if you’d just look past your retarded dislike (You read comic books, dumbass… it can’t be that you don’t like drawn storytelling), you’d see that Spirited Away and Ghost in the Shell stand out as execellent movies IN SPITE of being Anime, not because of it.  Akira…well, Akira is just mind-blowingly cool as muddled and fucked up as the storytelling may be.

  • Thundarr

    Wow, I always find it interesting you can’t make an argument without calling me retarded (now twice in one post).  My point about Anime wasn’t that it sucks (though it does), but that it’s a completely different medium that doesn’t belong on the list.  Neither do horror movies, which I’m glad to see they separated from this list.

    Sorry monkey, but we’ve had this argument before, and no movie as flawed as A.I. deserves to be on this list.  Minority Report is a piece of crap dressed up in a pretty box, and I can’t believe you of all people are defending Starship Troopers!!  It just destroys Heinlein’s vision with an laughingly bad screenplay that is only matched in badness by it’s soap opera junior high theater group cast.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    where the fuck is soylent green??????????? “you’re eating people…” fuck any chuck heston movie for 60-70’s sci fi is decent(slighly entertaining) shit… omega man. come one now….

    this list is so bulshit. plus, why the hell do they lump some trilogies together and not others. the response (Some film series are lumped together; some are not. We’re funny that way.) — from the way this list looks, it seems like they couldn’t think of more than 50 scifi movies.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Soylent Green is in the bargin bin where it belongs. That’s a TERRIBLE movie along with the equally craptastic Omega Man. (The worst butchering of a Richard Mattheson story, EVER)

    Star Wars and LoTR deserve to be put together, since they’re meant to be taken as a whole story.

  • Thundarr

    I like that Ghostbusters made the list, but what about Galaxy Quest?!  Definately the best sci-fi comedy I can think of.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    look at most of scifi, it’s horrible! at least something like soylent green had a sense of a theme, showed sweet booty, and well made you think twice about processed foods and suicide. WTF does starship troopers do for you? the point of scifi is it’s IDEA, not denise richards incredible augmented body. it’s for people who’s imaginations run wild w/ a direction, no matter how shitily done.

    and to reply to the idea that SW is 20 points higher than LoTR’s. wait 10 years… poof… it’s a stupid generational thing. no one wants to think outside of their peers.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    holy cow, I come in peace… you leave in pieces.

    what about scanners? hell what about MST3k the movie…

  • Garlile

    Your list is compiled very well but it needs to be updated. On mine, I would put the fountain, and maybe even Sunshine now. But, overall good list though I don’t consider LOTR to be a sci movie – it is more fantasy. I created a list at specific to the sci fi genre (as well as others). It is pretty cool you can drag and drop to reorder and one can also rate and review new movies as they come out. They have a good system over there. Highly recommended and you should check them out, especially since you like lists.

  • Thundarr

    Thanks for the reply to this old post Garlile. This isn’t “my” list by any means, it’s the list which I too have some problems with. Though you getting me to thinking about coming out with my own…

  • TJCart

    As with pretty much everyone else except for the possibility of the creator of the list, I had some issues with it. Personally, I thought Stargate was a good sci-fi flick. Probably not top ten material, but definiately somewhere in there.

    I’m not quite sure if I agree with Minority Report, but maybe that’s just because I’m not a Cruise fan. Also what if you’re going putting stuff in there like that, why not just stick in i, Robot, which seemed equally terrible to me.

    While I’m glad Serenity didn’t make the list, it would have been interesting to have seen Firefly fudged into it somehow, which in my opinion was an excellent series.

    Finally, one last quibble is the serparation of Matrix/Reloaded and the combination of Terminator/T2. While I don’t think Matrix and Reloaded deserve to be lumped together (unless your looking at it in the trilogy standpoint, even if the sequels were tacked on later), Terminator and T2 should be counted twice. While set along the same coherent storyline, they had completely separate moods and themes. The first being a sci-fi horror flick and second being more of an action hero movie, which alone warrants their separation imo.

  • TJCart

    Ugh sorry for the grammatical errors. The lack of an edit fuction (maybe just for guests) always has been a bane on me, as it seems that I just can’t fish out those errors until it’s tossed onto the board, heh.

  • Me

    I disagree with all ye people about anime. Anime is a medium, not a genre. If someone said they didn’t lthink a masterpiece was masterpiece because it was an oil painting that would be silly. Anime can do romance kiddie stuff porno western and yes, sci-fi and fantasy. And if you look at ghoust in the shells contant not its medium, you would see it is definetly sci-fi. And it is great sci-fi. I do agree though, why is fantasy here? Fantasy and sci-fi are rather differant generes. so why all the fantasy?

  • Reny Mathew Abraham

    How could Independence Day, The Abyss be not in this list. Lord of the Rings, Conan the Barbarian etc are not Sci-Fi movies but its more magic, mythology kind of movies. Even IRobot & Demolition Man are pure Sci-Fi and great to watch movies.

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