Uh huh-HUH!

by The Good Reverend on February 25, 2005 · 0 comments

in Audio Visual

He was and is The King.  Even in his damn soundchecks he resonates “I am the King”.

This is very obviously not the newest vid on the web, so perhaps everyone has seen this except me.  Regardless, I had to post this – this video simply must be in the Transbuddha archives.  Elvis must be “in the building”!  It just has Cool Points written all over it in my book.  I had always thought that the “uh huh-huh”s, though Presley trademarks, were meaningless song fillers.  But no!  They were meticulously soundchecked!

And only Elvis could make the phrase, “Gimme the boing boing boing again, man”, sound cool.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be interjecting that phrase in work meetings for the next week at least:  “and as we look at this next slide we see that generated revenue for the month of… actually, let’s go back one slide… gimme the boing boing boing again, man.”

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