March 2005

Now I’m all for creative license, but I have never, never, never met a girl who could go from pajama lounge to club sexy in 30 seconds.  ‘Course, I like the pajama lounge look so it’s wasted effort as far as I’m concerned. 

Anyway, here’s a Veet ad in which a girls goes the distance for a fella who can’t.

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A clever little Danish short film about a romantic dinner date…..with a surprise ending.

By director Esben Tonnesen

(click for the davionesque 17mb quicktime vid)

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Sin City

by alphamonkey on March 31, 2005

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Thanks to the kind intervention of The Scarlet Harlot, I was able to catch the advance screening of Frank Miller’s Sin City last night.  As a long-time comic geek, this movie had me all kinds of oogala boogala over the prospect seeing Basin City’s most infamous residents live out their their hyperviolent lives on the big screen.  The film geek in me was a hell of a lot more skeptical, however. 

So what was the verdict?

Violent Marv gets his Hulk on.

Well, I was duly impressed and a little let down, to tell the truth. 

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Animated alter-ego supergroup The Gorillaz have returned to the music scene, bringing yet another insanely well done video to melt your brain.

(click for Feel Good, INC)

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by mrcookieface on March 31, 2005

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A collection of the finest short films ever made

Hotdogboy consists of two cinematic geniuses:  Rub and Tug.  Why the academy consistently overlooks these brilliant filmmakers is beyond me.

Sadly, most of their movies are offline now, but I did manage to find the classic, A Pet.

Also noteworthy is Day and Yum.  Good stuff.

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With all the Asimovs, Robo-Sapiens, and their robotic kin, it’s easy to forget that robot pals have been around since the late 50’s.  Take a look at Gaylord, the robot puppy that probably sent many a child down the road to alternative sexuality.

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Ellen Fiess is an unlikely internet celeb.  Her Apple “Switch” ad was among the first of the Errol Morris helmed commercials, and for whatever reason her fame clock seems permanently stuck at 14:59. 

Apple, never one to give up on a seemingly good thing, dipped back into the Fiess well for their G4 commecial, but never aired it.  Wonder why?

**Update** For the uniniated, here’s a link to her original ad.  Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep!

(click for unaired Fiess Rambling)

My guess is because someone realized that perhaps the testimonial from girl who looks and sounds stoned out of her gourd might not make for an effective selling tool.  After all, everyone knows that hippies don’t have money. 

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Lest we Americans shamefully conclude that we have cornered the market on Evangelical morons predicting God’s wrath/judgment in the form of floods, scourges of bugs, angry people on horses, and mass traffic chaos ensuing from tens of thousands of driverless automobiles resulting from their occupants’ ascension into Heaven, I present to you this article, proving that there are big dumb animals permeating all the currents, rivulets, and tributaries of religious thought.  Damn that was a long sentence.

Yeah, I lifted this from a “Day After Tomorrow”

banner.. your point is?

Wow, a tsunami from both the Atlantic and the Pacific at the same time, which nevertheless somehow spares Canada, Mexico, and every other country bordering these oceans.  Oh, and the tsunami manages to climb over the Rockies and hit Kansas.  And it’ll hit the White Infidels in San Diego, but not the inhabitants of Tijuana, Mexico just 20 or so miles to the south.

Let us take a moment to give thanks for all the f’ing idiots in the world, who exist solely for our amusement.

thanks to FushigiDenki for the link

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A site with extensive imagery of street artists from around the world.

The site is loaded with photography representing street art from around the world, you get to spend your whole day in artistic ecstacy. It’s truly awesome to be able to compare the art from one country to another. Like the above artists from Chile, Amsterdam, New York and Tirupati all with their own style and influence from their region. Some of the work looks awesome and can be called art, but other pieces not so much. 

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Here’s a weird little commercial for the UK Cell provider, 3.  Can anyone explain to me the current trend of robot-dancing asian people?  I must confess, I don’t get it.  Cool commercial, though.

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