Andy Riley

by mrcookieface on March 21, 2005 · 1 comment

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Simple yet complex.

Impulsive yet surpisingly, adroitly conducted.Andy Riley inspires all of us rabbits to the many methods available to a dignified death – one on our own terms.

I can’t help but see the correlation between Watership Downs and Riley’s work.  Riley has provided the prologue to Adam’s greatest novel.  It’s obvious.

After Hazel-rah follows the black rabbit into the sky, Fiver, and the rest of the lot mourned themselves to destruction.  Those bunnies that survived drinking Rev. Fiver Jones’s spiked Kool-aid were so remorseful for their lack of faith had to sacrifice themselves by any means necessary.

Riley illustrates their story.

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  • olivesmarch4th

    Hey!  My boyfriend got that book for his birthday.  It’s one of those kinds of things that have you saying “Oh noes!” and “How awful!”

    Yet you keep turning the pages…

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