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A site with extensive imagery of street artists from around the world.

The site is loaded with photography representing street art from around the world, you get to spend your whole day in artistic ecstacy. It’s truly awesome to be able to compare the art from one country to another. Like the above artists from Chile, Amsterdam, New York and Tirupati all with their own style and influence from their region. Some of the work looks awesome and can be called art, but other pieces not so much. 

From the site: An art gallery called city

Cities are like a huge art gallery with a permanently changing exhibition. Art is submitted everywhere and constantly. The art is not made by the direction of an institution or company, but are short personal notes, big fascinating projects or intriguing protests. With graffiti, posters, stickers, stencils, etc the individual artists use the city as an art gallery.


ArtinCities collects the art by each city and wants to find out what is going on in the city. What moves the artists to use the city as a exhibition space? What are the reasons that the artist uses an illegal way to express him/herself? Are there trends (local, regional, international)? Which artists you can find in which city? How does the art spread around?

The site gets it’s imagery by the public submitting photos of the work.

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