Bobby Fischer: Passport to Crazy Town

by alphamonkey on March 25, 2005 · 2 comments

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This guy used to be pretty brilliant. Seriously.  At 15 years old, he was the U.S. champion Chess player and grandmaster.  He was the World Champ in 1972 and then disappeared for nearly 20 years.  Now he’s just kinda insane.  And anti-Semitic.  And crazy.  Did I mention crazy? 

Here’s some choice quotes from Fischer now that he’s been released from Japan (where he’d been awaiting US extradition to face charges for breaking economic sanctions), and headed to Iceland:

“The United States is an illegitimate country…just like the bandit state of Israel – the Jews have no right to be there, it belongs to the Palestinians,”

Did I mention that Fischer’s mom was Jewish? No?  Anyway…

“That country, the United States, belongs to the red man, the American Indian…It’s actually a shame to be a so-called American because everybody living there is…an invader.”

You tell ‘em, Big Chief Chess King!

Wow… How the mighty fall.

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    ole boy is crazy as hell, but how fucking retarded are we for trying to jail him for playing chess in bosnia or whatever, and now they’ve tacked on tax evasion. but once again this is probalby just me having problems with enforcement of the law in general. or that I think that politics and sports should never mix.

    personally, I’m curious to see how he and his wife interact. being that they are the extreme chess nerds of their countries. take you normal couple spat that involves simply plans to anger, intimidate and mislead, now add 2 genius strategic minds. let alone that one is a freaked out half nazi half jew. now that is some reality teli I’d like.

  • Shadow Stalker

    It’s tough to be a child prodigy.

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