Burger King: Commercial Renaissance?

by alphamonkey on March 29, 2005 · 8 comments

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Burger King has gone a long way in improving it’s image through a steady series of very memorable commercials.  Their most recent offering is the Darius Rucker-flavored ”Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch“, which appropriates Big Rock Candy Mountain and throws in a hearty dose of sexed up Hee-Haw action. 

I’ll admit I’m torn.  I’m repelled by all things Hootie and the Blowfish related, but the tune of Big Rock Candy Mountain really hooks me.  And of course, as long as they keep using the 70’s era Burger King mascot, I’ll give it a pass. 

What throws me is the really blatant sex aspect of the commercial.  From the ‘the breasts grow on trees’ line being sung while a Xtina looking gal takes a hearty bite, to the line-dancing ‘twins’, to the hookered up Loretta Lynn clone at the end of the commercial, there’s a rather obvious subtext of ‘hey, cowgirls are total sluts for Burger King’.  I know that’s a heavy handed reading of a commercial, and I suppose I should be happy that Rucker isn’t singing a song about crying, but using sex in a commercial is like swearing; it’s just lazy and requires little to no craftmenship.

Overall I like the commercials that Burger King (Or “BK” as the kids today are calling it) have been running, and they make a pleasant change from the endlessly obnoxious and annoying McDonald’s commercials. 

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  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadwstalkr Shadow Stalker

    Subtext?  When I first saw this commercial I thought it was a joke for SpikeTV and Adult Swim.  I should have known better; Victoria’s Secret ads are more skin-heavy and get played everywhere.

    Not that I’m complaining.

    But how did they make Brooke Burke look so bad?  I didn’t think that was possible.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    I’m getting mixed signals from this commercial. it makes me horny, hungry and angry. I think I’m going to find a donut and go to town on it.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    this commercial almost “made me cry”.  This is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in awhile, due to quite possibly an extreeemely contrived subtext of my own making.

    Early to mid nineties, some great music was being made.  The whole “alternative” music thing.  Then along comes Hootie and the Blowfish, which was also labelled “alternative”, mind you.  When I first heard that fucking dolphin song, I knew the end of an era was nigh.  Every era of good music must come to an end, but I credit Hootie, Better than Ezra, and a few others as the Horsemen that brought in an era of Suck.

    I think this commercial is the brainchild of someone my age, who also saw Hootie as being the musical equivalent of “The Beast”.  He, like me, wanted revenge upon this mainstream, talentless hack who brought down his era of music.  And being the creative director for an ad for Burger King gave him his chance.  Instead of letting Rucker fade into obscurity, he wanted a more appropriate and public punishment.  So he dressed him up like a gay cowboy and made him sell out to the extreme by using his musical talents for peddling burgers.  I’m guessing he didn’t get paid too much for this spot either.

    I’m probably reading too much into this, but that is how I choose to believe it went down.  The karmic retribution of Darius Rucker for being to Nirvana what disco was to Zeppelin (yeah, I know Cobain did himself in.. I’m sticking to my analogy).  Fuck you, Hootie.  And to BK Ad Creative Director Guy, I owe you a beer and my thanks.  Thank you for giving me closure.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Zeppelin did in Zeppelin, not disco.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    yeah, i wanted to make my musical analogy completely monkey-proof, but the Comments section is limited to 10,000 characters. wink

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Ain’t no such thing as ‘monkey-proof’.  I’m a tenacious bastard.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    Actually, i have certain rare liquors from the jungles of South America that are rated “monkey-proof”.

  • pleezeme

    come and get it. brilliant. subtext what the hell subtext. darius did the spot and it has more humor in it than any of you shmoes. Big Rock Candy Mountain is a song of pure fantasy set in the middle of a depression. Not just any depression but the Great Depression. The great thing about music is you don’t have to listen to what you don’t appreciate. So if Hootie blows, switch your station. Streets of cheddar with an oriental girl putting in the blocks of cheese. Brilliant.

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