Fare Thee Well Grudge Match

by alphamonkey on March 16, 2005 · 0 comments

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To all things come an end.  Grudge Match is signing off after 10 years of giving us the answers to all the deep questions we’ve pondered over office desks or bar stools.  Like, for example, who would win a battle between the Death Star and the Enterprise? For those of you who never checked out the site, the premise was simple.  A match was arranged between a group of 2 or more combatants, the commentators wrote their opinions and all of us cast our votes.  They gave us some great battles like Gary Coleman v. Webster, Red Shirted Ensigns v. Stormtroopers, Calvin v. Bart, Stephen Hawking v. Dr. Strangelove v. Larry Flint, and many, many more.  They had their good times and bad (the awkward commercial star battles being paticularily awful), but it truly was one of those great original sites that all seem to be slowly fading from the ‘Net.  Fare thee well, ye shall be missed!

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