Free the Balloons

by alphamonkey on March 3, 2005 · 7 comments

in Miscellany

Similar to the Hapland game we posted a while back, this game is another mind-bender in which you need to figure out the correct order of events to Free The Balloon

Sorry about the rest of your day.

Click for the rest of your day

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  • The Scarlet Harlot


    Maybe I am just a tard, but I can’t figure this one out.

    So it sucks!!!

    Worse game ever until a new one comes along that I can’t do.

  • Cananopie

    How about I blow up the 2 strings and it doesn’t go up still?

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    The balloon just deflaits for me.

    I say we blow the whole thing up and move on.

  • Just Plain Bob

    in general, if someone insults your stupidity but doesn’t post a spoiler on the message boards, then they probably didn’t figure it out, and just want you to feel bad.

    but yeah, i get to the part where the balloon starts rising, both strings freed, and it pops. i theorize that the window must open and some sort of fan will push it right.

  • itsaminiadventure

    yep im the same as most of you cannot figure it out! thought about the whole window thing but you can’t seem to click on it to make anything happen! i must be dumb for something that appears so simple and took nearly 1hour of my life!

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    Hurray for me. After all the instructions, I finally did it. Too bad I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Silly silly me.

  • Shadow Stalker

    I liked Hapland better.  It made more sense.

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