Ronald gets his Mack on.

by alphamonkey on March 25, 2005 · 1 comment

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Hope everyone is digging our new look as much as we are.  Good things are in store for you, our loyal Transbuddhists, and our sexxxy new makeover is just the beginning.  Just as a reminder, if you haven’t scoped the news bit on the left, we’ll be down for a short bit late Sunday night/early Monday morning due to some server upgrades.  We’ll be back to help you choke down that Monday morning coffee. 

And now we’ll end our broadcast day with the goofiest McDondald’s ad I’ve seen in a while.

(click for full size)

I really like the Asian Ronald, but I’m not sure he should be throwing down gangsta poses.  And no, I didn’t post this because it’s got yet another insano cute Asian gal in it.  Consider that a bonus.

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    My favorite McDonald’s attempt at an “urban” ad was the online nugget where, next to a steamy entree, the text flashes, “Bacon cheeseburger?  I’d hit it.  I’m a dollar menu guy.”

    Now in my book, just because you’re poor, or even value conscience, doesn’t mean that you’d fuck a cheeseburger.  Maybe he meant that he would literally hit the cheeseburger with his fist, seeing how all poor people are violent to the point of nonsence.

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