by alphamonkey on March 24, 2005 · 2 comments

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Oh, techology.  You give us ways to get freaky we would have never imagined. 

You wanna get it on, robot-style?  First get you and your partner one of these:

(Dancers drive Toyota Motor’s human-controlled walking robot “I-foot,” which measures 2.36 meters high, weighs 200 kilograms and can walk at a speed of 1.35kph.)

Then click here, and prepare for the freak-fest to end all. 

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  • professor dookie

    Yeeeesss!  Finally, now all we need is a particle projection cannon, a couple 20 mm machine guns and a few dozen mini missles and we have ourselves a mech warrior!

  • Jacomo

    Um, did anyone click that link and not just the picture? That site’s almost on par with Cake Pony (http://www.cakepony.com) in it’s shear WTF?! power.

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