The Humpers

by alphamonkey on March 24, 2005 · 1 comment

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ZolarCzakl, Shadow, and I spend a lot of time talking about how much Adult Swim on Cartoon Network disappoints us.  They started out strong, but the only new show they’ve debuted that’s worth a damn is Robot Chicken.  Sadly, most of the shows are like Tom Goes to the Mayor, which works as a standalone kinda thing, but doesn’t have the legs to be a long running show. 

However, Tim and Eric, the two guys behind Tom Goes to the Mayor, can actually produce some really funny (and really strange stuff).  Their website is chock full of short films that are little nuggets of bizarro goodness. Like this one: The Humpers

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    finally someone who agree’s, at least in part. AS has totally declined in the last year or so. it has partyly made me hate family guy. robot chicken is horrid. tom goes to the mayor was just boring. just how much money can they throw at funny guys like seth green? apparently too much,but maybe he’s one of 10 people doing voiceovers.

    I know it took me a few episodes of ATHF and home movies to like them, but I can’t even stand RC enough to finish an episode. plus I thought they had redeaming enough qualities to watch again.

    now I’m not saying we need to bring back the old shows but damnit this shit aint funny. in my moronic viewpoint these are like bad clones of bad clones of clones of seinfeld. show’s so about nothing and absurdity that they are just degenerative storylines that barely exist, never evolve, and have little humorous value.

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