These Bats Were Made For Walking

by ShadowStalker on March 24, 2005 · 0 comments

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As if it wasn’t scary enough to have bats that live on the blood of cattle, now we find out they can run.

Cornell graduate student Daniel Riskin announced this week that vampire bats run, and can reach 2.5 miles per hour. If they weren’t tiny and cute that would almost be scary, in an inevitable zombie death way. And if drinking blood and running isn’t enough to dub them zoological superfreaks, they run using their forearms rather than their legs.

In the wish-I-was-a-grad-student category, Riskin discovered that bats run by putting them on a tiny treadmill. How much fun must that be? Here’s a video of a bat on the treadmill. I hear it likes to listen to the Fame soundtrack while it’s working out.

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