White Infidel’s Demise Set for 2007, Allah Be Praised.

by The Good Reverend on March 31, 2005 · 3 comments

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Lest we Americans shamefully conclude that we have cornered the market on Evangelical morons predicting God’s wrath/judgment in the form of floods, scourges of bugs, angry people on horses, and mass traffic chaos ensuing from tens of thousands of driverless automobiles resulting from their occupants’ ascension into Heaven, I present to you this article, proving that there are big dumb animals permeating all the currents, rivulets, and tributaries of religious thought.  Damn that was a long sentence.

Yeah, I lifted this from a “Day After Tomorrow”

banner.. your point is?

Wow, a tsunami from both the Atlantic and the Pacific at the same time, which nevertheless somehow spares Canada, Mexico, and every other country bordering these oceans.  Oh, and the tsunami manages to climb over the Rockies and hit Kansas.  And it’ll hit the White Infidels in San Diego, but not the inhabitants of Tijuana, Mexico just 20 or so miles to the south.

Let us take a moment to give thanks for all the f’ing idiots in the world, who exist solely for our amusement.

thanks to FushigiDenki for the link

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    it appears that Terry Schiavo is the new messiah according to some milwaukee nut waiting outside of her hospice…. I look forward to serving her divine spirit and finally meeting the daughter of g~d.

    “I’m not believing the report of man,” the bearded man said. “God will raise her from the dead, and all the world will see it.”

    I love this shit… you just can’t make it up.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadwstalkr Shadow Stalker

    It would be a tsunami from the Pacific and a hurricane from the Atlantic.

    What about Alaska?  And will the hurricane destroy Florida, but miss Cuba and stop in the Gulf of Mexico?  And it will get Maine, but miss Nova Scotia.

    Wait, I get it.  This is some kind of allegory about the dangers of closing our borders, isn’t it.

  • MonkeeDoo

    This quote from the aforementioned article says it all, folks.

    “Silwadi said his study of the Koran showed that the US would perish mainly because of its great sins against mankind, including the Native Americans and blacks.”

    Only in the Jerusalem Times would someone take the time to write out “Native Americans”, then say “blacks” right after it.  Who killed Biggie?  Who killed Tupac? 

    Come, cleansing wave!  We are calling for you!

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