Women and Advertising pt. 1

by alphamonkey on March 18, 2005 · 2 comments

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As you might imagine, I watch a LOT of videos, commercials, and shorts.  Sadly no study has been done that might accurately predict the long term effects this may have on me, but I can assure you that one short-term result is viewing the world through very jaundiced and cynical eyes.

Today’s Buddha Theme will be Women and Commercials.  Specifically the most typical portrayal of women in the advertising world.  Obviously we could spend a lot of time on this subject, but I’m going to narrow the field down to 5 commercials which typify the advertising archetype of women as harridens and/or harlots and the various in betweens.  Rest assured I’m not going to go off on some pro-feminist screed over this, I just find it an interesting topic.  First Archtype: The Insatiable Nymph which will be presented by an ad for Dentyne Fire gum.

(Click for video)

Now, this is just blatantly playing into the strong male desire for hot young girls to be insatiable sex fiends with no regard for propriety or common sense, for that matter.  Much like the Axe body spray ads, the subtext of this is “Give your gal our gum and she’ll blow your feeble little mind with naughty sex”.  Effective?  Not beyond it’s shock/humor value.  If there’s a still a guy out there that thinks there’s some magic product that turns ‘nice’ girls into sex crazed maniacs, I’ve yet to meet him.  We’re so much more jaded than that.

But is this a harmful archetype?  I’d say no.  It’s purely fantasy, and what’s the harm in letting the ladies have their sexual due?  Some might argue that it presents unrealistic expectations, but those are the same jerks that made the G.I. Joe cartoon less violent than the Smurfs.  Heads up, eggheads!  No one is that stupid and gullible!

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  • PEPÉ

    This one is too tame compared to the(double punch) French version that aired a few months back. The parents are impressed by the flavour too.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    As they are at the end of this one. What’s the major difference?

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