Women and Advertising pt. 4

by alphamonkey on March 18, 2005 · 1 comment

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Some fun, eh?  Next up we have the Clueless Woman given to us by (of course) an insurance company.

(I’m not even going to say it)

This is the most blatantly negative of these ads, as it plays right into a long-held stereotype (though there’s no shortage of men who’d argue it’s pure fact) that women are inept at basic tool skills, let alone driving.  I can’t imagine anyone sitting at the ad meeting saying ‘Wow, women will FLOCK to us after this one”.  As an ad, I think it’s uneffective in that buddha help you fellas if you picked up the phone and called this company after watching the ad with your wife.  I suppose we should consider this one progressive in that at least she wasn’t Chinese, huh? 

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