Women and Advertising pt. 5

by alphamonkey on March 18, 2005 · 0 comments

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This ad is a bit of a McGuffin, in that the perception isn’t the reality but it does play into that oh-so-popular ad staple of the Porno girl.


Yes, from the wrestling psuedo lesbian action of Miller Lite commericals to well…almost any beer commercial, the Porno girl is a popular fixture of advertising.  Knowing that our lizard brains can’t help but be fixating on the idea of hardcore action girls, Madison Avenues both here and abroad know that the fastest way to captivate a cathode-ray soaked male mind is to put a woman on the screen who will fuel some alone time thoughts later that night/afternoon/minute. 

This ad wins points for taking that idea and perverting it for it’s own end thereby pulling a double punch of entendre and twist ending.  Kudos, you random Asian noodle ad!  I’d say this portrayal is neither negative nor positive, though I do concede that by not understanding the words being said, I could be flat out wrong and the voiceover could amount to: Sluts like noodles. 

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