Women and Advertising pt. 6

by alphamonkey on March 18, 2005 · 1 comment

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As anyone who watches sports on television knows, beer and truck ads excel at this next archetype: The Distrustful Harridan


This is a pretty recurring theme in ads; my least favorite example being the truck ad in which a man carting home a bedside table stops to buy a motorcycle, which prompts his wife to begin what will surely be an apocalyptic harangue session before realizing that the husband has brought home both.  Buddha, I hate that commercial.  Anyway the portrayal of wives as intensely distrustful of their husbands is prevalent enough to barely register on the radar, but this one serves as a decent enough example.  Obviously this is a pretty negative portrayal, but it’s a beer ad.  What did you expect?

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  • The Scarlet Harlot

    I disagree with the portrayal of women as intensely distrustful beings, but many are. I think it’s the whole relationship between how men act and how women perceive the way they act. Men have a tendency to be aloof and out there, not realizing they are provoking a question in their better half’s mind. We are usually wondering “what the hell” and most of the time the thought is “damn I am hungry” or “am I going to get any tonight”. Sorry for the stereo typing, but you get the idea.

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