April 2005

Ever wondered what The Sound of Music might have been like had it been directed by Robert Rodriquez?  Of course you have.


Sean Klitzner‘s Weekly Fix for 4/29 is here for your viewing pleasure.  Continuning the sordid and convoluted story of a man, the iron he loves, and the board that came between them (and all over her, one presumes).  I’m fast becoming an addict to these.


Hands down, this guy has the scariest laugh of all time.  I am totally signing up for his yoga class.


This is kind of touching. It’s great to see the world through a child’s eyes. Every child has the talent to express themselves, it’s great that there are so many organizations out there to help.

After the Academy Award success of Born Into Brothels, a film about Calcutta’s red light district’s children and their resilience and the power of art, Kids with Cameras started to further Zana Briski’s efforts.

When you visit the site, you get to look through the children’s photography and read short bios, plus there is plenty of information about the group and the film. Absolutely brilliant.


Fans of the BBC series The Office recognize show creator/star Ricky Gervais as the comedic genuis he is.  The rest of you will just have to accept our opinion on that matter.  Alternately, you could wander over to his website and dig on the various comedic gems contained therein.  My favorite is this one.  By no means is it the funniest thing on the site, but I really like it anyway.

Big thanks to the immensely great Scarlet Harlot for the find, and apologies for stealing it from her. 


Can Crusher

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Physicists like to make things easy.  Most physics solutions start with something like, “Assume the car is a point particle.” We’ll actually go to quite a lot of trouble in the pursuit of laziness simplicity.  The Society of Physics Students at UMKC recently brought their powers to bear on the arduous task of crushing an aluminum can.”You mean I have to exert a pound of pressure with my own hands?” No more!  A few turns of copper tubing, a giant capacitor, and ten thousand volts of electricity will crush that can with just a push of a button.  Here’s a video of the can crusher in action.

For those in the know, the can crusher is basically a Tesla coil with the can acting as the secondary.  The electromagnetic radiation generated by the spark gap firing messes up the camera, so they haven’t been able to get a detail shot of the actual crushing action.  Bill Baird recently got a couple thousand dollars from our undergraduate research program to make the can crusher safe for demonstrations (currently there’s a chance that the capacitor will explode in a shower of chemical napalm).

To get in on the undergraduate grant action, I’ve been considering the following topics for research proposals:

  • A pill to give worms to ex-girlfriends
  • A heat gun made from microwave parts
  • A study of the thermodynamic properties of Jell-O as a function of flavor
  • Motherf*cking lasers and sh*t!!



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So what do you hate more: Your job or your clients?  Regardless of the answer, this site is for you.  Chock full of horror stories, stupid employee antics, and a veritable goldmine of awful client anecdotes, Clientcopia should function as a nice little online therapy.  After all, you could always have to deal with this :

When discussing the new corporate website where all the text is black…

Mentally challenged (color blind) boss: Why did you change some of the text to black and some to blue? Did the web run out of black ink?

Me: It’s all black, you’re color blind.

Mentally challenged (color blind) boss: Why is this text blue? (It was black) Do we have to buy more black letters?

Me: It’s all black, you’re color blind.

Mentally challenged (color blind) boss: Well can you change it all to black?

Me: Yeah, give me a couple hours.


It’s Friday once again, so that means new movie reviews on RazorFine!  This week we have The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and xXx: State of the Union, both reviewed by yours truly.  Take a gander, and be sure to peruse our current contests, as we’ve got gaggles of DVDs and neat movie memorabilia to give away! 

Alternately, you can hop in the RazorFine MessageBoard and sound off on our reviews or any old thing you feel like. 

Media Under The Knife


Did you know Hallmark Cards Inc. has a sense of humor, not me. I have heard so many nightmares about working for this big life sucking corporation, it’s hard to believe that one of their corporate videos has such a sarcastic twist and kind of funny too.

This film has a touch of retro, just a little one, and plenty of sarcasm.

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Commmodore introduced it’s direct to TV game unit to Europe and Asia before last Christmas, but I’ve yet to hear about the hype in the US.

Jon G, I’m looking at you!

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