Now you’re speaking my language

by alphamonkey on April 14, 2005 · 1 comment

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Get your thinkin’ caps on, folks.  Tork is a game in which you’re stranded on an alien planet.  Simple enough, eh?  Well, it will be once you can figure out the native language enough to interact with the populace. 

My brain hurts from all this a’thinkin’.

So far I’ve got a pretty good vocabulary built up, but I’ve hit a wall.  Hit the comments with your hints/suggestions/solutions. 

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  • Oraxis

    I totally beat the game!  I rule Tork! And all it took was my whole lunch hour (give or take…)

    If you’ve already recued the baby alien then you follow it and mom back to their little alien home, at the place where the floor looks like a big door with orange and red on it, to the right of the veggie vendor.  The momma alien says the “open sesame” command twice and the floor opens.  You then follow the little dude in and there’s a weird ghost-alien-larva-happy guy.  If you issue the command that the momma alien gives you before she takes off with her baby then your robo-helper says that “the queen” is following you.  I guess that’s the “follow me” command.  Anyway, you lead the freak back to your ship and she beams it up out of the ground.  You hop aboard and take off.  Game over.

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