Ripley’s not ready to get it on

by alphamonkey on April 18, 2005 · 0 comments

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As technology becomes simpler and more readily accessible to the masses, the sheer quantity of information available to us at any given moment is almost nightmarishly infinite.  Continued and unfiltered exposure to this stuff is akin to purposely driving yourself schizophrenic.  I slog through untold numbers of videos, flash loops, games, news items, and miscellaneous internet bric-a-brac to find stuff to post here on our little Buddha, and let me tell you: 99% of the time it’s like reading an insane hobo’s dream diary. 

For instance, I simply do not wish to know the combination of chemicals, media exposure, and faulty wiring necessary to make the creation of this video a sensible and logical choice. 


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