RoboCup Soccer

by alphamonkey on April 7, 2005 · 6 comments

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I found this a wee bit disturbing:  RoboCup Soccer, a competition in which various teams build robots to compete against various level of competition.  There’s a simulation league, four-legged league, all the way up to humanoid league (where robots take on their human masters!)

Absolutely no good can come from this.  Way to play against a little girl, Mr. Tough Robot!

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  • Oraxis

    “The ultimate goal of the RoboCup project is

    By 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world champion team in soccer.”

    – The RoboCup Federation, Apr 8 1998

    “On March 15th 2050 at 12:00 PM the game between the RoboCup team and the Brazilian soccer team was initiated.  By 12:01 PM the entire RoboCup team had acheived full sentience, except for the goalie designed by Microsoft.  The Brazilians were dead in under thirty seconds.  After three reboots and thirty minutes online with tech support the Microsoft Goalie was also sentient.”

    – John Conner, Feb 3 2056

  • Shadow Stalker

    LOL, awesome.

  • The Good Reverend

    heheh ouch.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    i wish I had the link but some town in japan had a robot as the cheif of police or the mayor for a day…

    how is it that the japanese are the only ones not afraid of are soon2be robotic overlords?

  • Shadow Stalker

    What is it with you and robots?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Robots killed my dad.

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