So it’s come to this, eh?

by alphamonkey on April 26, 2005 · 1 comment

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Apparently porn’s presence in our everday life is so ubiquitous that teens see it as just part of living in the Digital Age.

Well kudos to you, Intraweb!  You’ve raised a generation to be completely blase about pornography.  When I was a lad, getting ahold of pr0n in any form was like the getting your hands on an erotic Ark of the Covenant. 

Oh, but from the mouths of babes…

Granted, it’s certainly for the better that this up-and-coming generation seems to have an almost radically different view of human sexuality and it’s taboos, as they’ll probably completely erase all the damage done by our current policy makers.  But not caring about porn?  Wow. The mind boggles.

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  • Shadow Stalker

    An entire generation not obsessed with porn?  Our economy will collapse!

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