The Creepiest Belly Dance of All Time

by alphamonkey on April 8, 2005 · 3 comments

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Here’s yet another one of those random video feed finds.  Man, they just get weirder and weirder.  Belly dancin’ is usually pretty cool, but this….this is creepy.

That’s one step away from watching clowns have sex. 

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  • SonSon2

    Now, if you would imagine:

    Her and the Burger King Guy doin’ it.

    Now that is a slice of creepy heaven I want me in on!

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    I’m all kinds of freaked out by that suggestion, yet oddly aroused.  hehe

  • SonSon2

    Oh, yeah? Well… don’t look behind you.

    Beware the golden shine.

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