When Protest and Comedy Meet

by alphamonkey on April 4, 2005 · 0 comments

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William Kristol is the founder of the Project For a New American Century, a neo-conservative think tank that (along with writing one of the scariest whitepapers of all time*), has been a leading force in America’s shift in foreign policy for the last quarter of a century. 

Apparently someone at Earlham College (where Kristol was speaking) decided that Cap’n Conservative needed to be taken down a notch, pie-style.

That my friends, is the most beautarded act of protest I have ever seen.  Bravo to you, brave pastry avenger!  If anyone needed a pie in the kisser, it’s Kristol. Click here for the full skinny.

*(the PNAC put out a paper in 1996 calling for drastic overhauls and expansions of government power.  While that in and of itself isn’t so scary, what was scary was that it specifically stated that a ‘Pearl Harbor’ level or greater event would need to occur on American shores for that expansion to easily be accepted by the American people.  Creepy, huh?)

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