Fake a diploma, take some GoldenSeal, and join the Army.

by alphamonkey on May 5, 2005 · 1 comment

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The US Army has taken some serious hits in the last couple of years, both from their soiree in Iraq and from their recruitment and stop-loss policies.  But hey, it’s the Army so I expect it can take a serious beating.

However, getting totally pwned by a high school kid is not going to do their reputation any favors. .

Meet David McSwane.  He’s a 17 year old Honor Student that decided to see how far the Army would go to get new recruits.  So he posed as a drugged out drop-out and got a recruiter advising him to fake a diploma and taking him to buy detoxification tablets to pass the drug test.  And McSwane got it all ON TAPE.  Awe-some. 

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    I do not doubt this at all.  Once upon a time I wanted to join the Navy.  My recruiters probably would of jumped in a bowl of pure acid if it would of taken that to get me join. 

    At the time I refused to lie about anything.  I just thought life was a bit more interesting if you always told the truth, so when they told me to lie a few times when signing up I thought it was funny.

    Thats not why I’m not in the Navy, but being told to lie to the government by the governments representatives didn’t help.

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