FireFox Ads

by alphamonkey on May 11, 2005 · 1 comment

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The upstart browser Firefox* has a collection of rather bizarro ads they’re rolling out.  I’m not how I’d receive this ad were I unfamiliar with what FireFox is. 

Imagine this:

Unfamiliar with FirfeFox guy:  What the?  Holy crap, what IS FireFox?  I’m totally checking that out.

(goes to webpage)

UwFfG:  A broweser!?  Crap.  I thought it was porn.

(just an fyi, before anyone goes on about the superiority of said browser, maybe they should take a look at this link.  So much for ‘safer’, eh?  As for me, I use both IE and FireFox.)

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    They should have shaved off that woman’s moustache before they did a closeup of her face.

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