How To Build A Homemade Flamethrower

by mrcookieface on May 9, 2005 · 11 comments

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This post is dedicated to my adolescent nephew, who just discovered the joys of combining a cigarette lighter and an aerosol can of hairspray – with second degree burns to his face, chest, and hands as a result.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right son.

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  • pplante

    haha your post reminds me of this kid i know, he has an iq of 70, but i still laugh at his demise.  this kid had heard that if you drive a nail into a spray paint can it will explode, well yes that is true.  so the kid goes home after school one day and decides to try it.

    he gets the paint can, nail, and a hammer.  he drives the nail into the paint can and right as the nail goes through the can he also creates a spark which ignites the contents of the can.  poor bastard burned both his arms, chest, neck, face, and all the hair off his upper body.

    i cant help but to laugh when i hear that.

  • Shadow Stalker

    I can’t believe his neighbors didn’t call the cops.  Too bad he ruined a perfectly good backpack.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    wait this dude is using PVC piping??? I could be wrong but I believe polyvynilcloride piping starts to melt w/ flamable gasses, let alone than heat. plus I believe the vinyl threads would clog this thing eventually.

    I’m betting this kid lives in a neighborhood where they are more scared of harrasment charges for calling this kid in, than some little punk burning his parents house down. or maybe it’s just a nice gated community and he’s bribed the guard.

  • Shadow Stalker

    The tank is PVC, but the gun unit looks like iron and brass.  And he used denatured alcohol because gasoline degrades PVC.

    But yeah, he’s cruising for a roasting.

  • pyro

    so how do u make a flamethrower?

  • elkciN

    Heart, kid. You gotta have heart.

    And fire, I’m pretty sure fire is involved in some way.

  • elkciN


    You shouldn’t do that.

  • Anti America

    I have come up with a better one. Fuck PVC (you gotta be nuts its plastic) Use a coleman Propane tank as your pressure unit that pressurizes your fuel mix tank and also operates your igniter. You could make a nice compact system that you could take to school and show all those bastards who made fun of your black trench coat. Get Famous.

  • Doohicky

    For god’s sake, the PVC is not going to burn or melt or decay. Think a little bit. The fuel that is in the tank IS NOT HOT. The only heat comes from the pilot let at the end of the gun’s nozzle. The builder included a gate release to prevent blowback and used denatured alcohol so as to not corrode the PVC. The teflon tape and chemical cement that he uses are also alcohol-based so they remain unaffected by the fuel as well. This was a well-thought-out construction and is as safe as a flamethrower can be.

  • Dooshkickr

    The easiest way to make a flame thrower is with a can of axe and a lighter adn some duct tape adn some screws to put in the plastic part.It works like a charm if u dont get the lighter to close to the can of axe.

  • Andrew

    Could you post the step by step instructions to building?

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