by mrcookieface on May 19, 2005 · 4 comments

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George Galloway bulldogs Norm Coleman and the Senate Subcommittee about allegations over the Food for Oil scandal.

I watch this clip over and over and I just laaffffff.

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  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    In all fairness…going after Norm Coleman is about as difficult as beating up a hamster.  He’s the very model of a spineless political hack.  In fact, only Coleman and one other committee member were present for Galloway’s beat-down.

  • professor dookie

    Whether or not this guy is correct or not I think is not the real point of this issue. I think the point is that the US really messed up and gave every excuse in the book to try and cover their asses.  Are we really to believe that the US gives a shit about the people of Iraq.  What about the millions in Africas dieing at the hands of their “government” I dont see us bombing the shit out of them.  This was all about controlling oil and making money directly or indirectly. Just like building new “clean” coal fired electric plants.  CO2 is stripped from the exhaust to make it “clean” which is then pumped into lame oil fields to repressurize them to get more oil out of them.  Its all about the benjamins baby.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    While I certainly don’t wish to be a Bush apologist, that’s just such a incredibly simplistic view of the situation.  Yes, money was most likely a concern, but in reality the idea behind it was indeed to build a viable democracy in the Middle East, thereby destablizing the secular hold on the region. 

    Think about this: If Iraq can manage to piece together a viable, robust democracy one of the benefits would be a healthy middle class and a drastic increase in upward mobility for the citizens.  The thinking is that the surrounding areas will see how the standard of living is for Iraq and will either put pressure on their own government to provide the same opportunity, or will immigrate to Iraq, which would have the same long-term effect.  That would start the beloved ‘domino effect’ of a series of passive revolutions, thereby removing the economic and political situations that make extremist action so lucrative and attractive.

    Granted, while I certainly can agree with the logic behind that (though not how it was initiated and ‘planned&#8217wink, that fails to take into account that the region lacks the mindset necessary for that concept to work.  (Like say, why Communism would never work in America..we’re just too focused on individual accomplishment)

    As for why we’re not in Africa…well, we’re not the only country that’s not getting involved in the Sudan.  If you think that the American public is uneasy about us being in Iraq, think about how they’d react to us being in Africa.  Remember, people have strong reactions to the Black Hawk Down incident, and that region is unstable enough that an incursion into the Sudan could have a blowback effect that we’re simply not prepared (nor able) to deal with effectively.

  • professor dookie

    I do agree that democracy was a definate must and will eventually start to flourish in surrounding countries, planting a “seed of democracy” so to speak.  I also agree that the Iraqi people do lack the initial mindset for the a democratic concept of work causes a majority of the problems they are facing right now.  I do agree that an invasion of the Sudan would be absolutely insane, just like invading North Korea. However because this war was executed so poorly and was initiated under false pretenses I feel that next time the US decides to try and rally the support of other countries, they wont be so willing to help out.  We have basically alienated the rest of the world. We decided to spread democracy to a country when we hadnt even taken (still to this day I might add) care of Bin Ladin responsible for 911. But rode the coat tails of “the war on terror” to build a case to make some money on the side and further some political agendas.  War builds the economy of the US thats in a sever recession, democracy is spread to the middle east, politicians and w.a.s.p.s make boat loads of money from oil interests being secured and war machines being produced and Bush whos popularity is suffering increases his favor just like all wartime presidents securing a re-election. Its a win win situation. Bravo.

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