Super? He sure is.

by alphamonkey on May 24, 2005 · 3 comments

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Rumors have been swirling online that Bryan Singer was looking for a rather androgynous star for the title role in the new Superman film.  Many were wondering if Singer was honestly looking to cast the first gay Superman.  The casting of Brandon Routh seems to only cofirm fans worst fears.  But, what if a gay Superman is just what is necessary for the role?

Topeka’s own Rev. Blanblood has done much research on the subject (at least reading part of one Superman comicbook) and decided that our childhood icon Superman is the gayest superhero this side of Robin Hood and his “merry men.” Don’t believe him?  Well the good reverend has found the kind of proof only a rabid radical right Christian minister can discover and has been arguing for years for Superman to be pulled from the shelves before his obvious gayness rubs off on impressionable youth.

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  • Shadow Stalker

    I love his reasons.  And the best, “Who knows how many homosexuals got their start from trying to imitate Superman?” Wow.  It’s uncanny how in touch with homosexuals he is.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    since when was superman not a flamer? not only is he the lamest character… his original weakness was the chocolate starfish, or the male apple eye.

    in my warped childhood mind I always lumped him w/ michael jackson, scott bao, snagglepuss, dom delowies, and walter mondale, all secret(well snagglepus is not so secret and not so human) man love society members. and if we are sticking to characters, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion about batman too.

  • MonkeeDoo

    When I applied for my Gay ID, and it asked what super hero I chose when we played at being super heros as kids, my honest answer was, of all people, Hawkeye.  All my seven-year-old peers had no idea who I was talking about, but when I told them that he had a bow and arrow it made everything ok, if not still a bit queer.

    Maybe I’m not the best barometer for Queernation’s lust for Superman, but the macho type doesn’t do it for me.  The Fortress of Solitude is FABULOUS, though.

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