The Return of the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr Ad

by alphamonkey on May 27, 2005 · 3 comments

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We posted this a week or so ago, but the host site shut it down faster than John Lithgow at a dance party(*).  So due to the almost scary number of requests we’ve gotten for it this week, here’s the Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr ad.  And as an added bonus (punishment, you decide), the pic goes to the 60 second ‘director’s cut’ version.

Have a good weekend, folks.  Take a gander at us on Saturday afternoon as we’ll be doing a ‘best of the week’ post as determined by your comments and our innate biases.  Give us a holler and let us know what you’re favorite posts this week were.

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  • Gray Ghost

    Filth!  Obscenity!  Immorality!  That can NOT do!  I thank my lucky stars every day that there are groups like the FCC and Parents Television Council that prevent me from having to think for myself and make my decisions!  I’ve always thought personal freedoms and the primal Freedom of Choice were overrated, and I’ve always felt security was more important then making decisions.  We adults don’t deserve to view what we want to while there are unsupervised children who might watch TV.  We CANNOT bother parents to take responsibility for their kids.

    This will be the final straw.  Big Brother is going to use this ad to fully eliminate personal freedom and replace the Constitution with a board of Religious Fundamentalist Inquisitors.

  • dragonslayer

    Has anyone else seen the KC Radio station, 96.5 The Buzz, video that makes fun of the Paris and Jr. Spot? It’s worth a watch to compare.

  • starrgzer3

    You can tell she doesnt know how to eat a burger correctly thats for sure!

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