Buddha Recap 06-04

by alphamonkey on June 4, 2005 · 0 comments

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It’s time once again for the Best of the Week!  What’s on the slate this week? Take it away, Don Pardo!

  1. Even Better Than the Real Thing: Talk about a post with everything.  Video, audio, and a great article about an improv group that shut down the street in front of Madison Square Garden by pulling off a fake U2 rooftop concert.  Thats just cool.
  2. Sean Does SoupSean Klitzner has had more than a couple vids posted here on Buddha, and this is easily one of the best.
  3. Fake A Wish:  What was meant to be a throw-away post for a slow Friday morning seems to have struck a chord. Cool app and a neat trick to play on friends/co-workers
  4. French AIDS Prevention Video:  A great clip for a an important call.  I wish the US would wise up and learn to speak more frankly to it’s citizens about these issues.
  5. The Illustrated Gravity’s Rainbow:  An amazing art project that is almost staggering in scope.
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