Don’t Call Me Crazy on the Fourth of July

by alphamonkey on June 6, 2005 · 3 comments

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Robert Lansberry has been a fixture of Downtown Pittsburgh for nearly 30 years.  He’s made extraordinary attempts to get word out about his belief that the US Government is stealing his mail and beaming radio signals into his mind.  While it’s easy to dismiss him as an unfortunate casualty of the mental health system, a variety of journalists have investigated some of him claims.  Enough so that there’s some evidence that he might not be just another crazy.  Now there’s a documentary film online about his life and his allegations, ”Don’t Call Me Crazy On the Fourth of July“.  Take a look.

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  • Haserhud

    inconclusive crap

    even though i’d like to believe it

  • fealty2dahriyah

    it’s probably the 6 bottles of rolling rock a day that ate this dudes brain. who’d want that pittsburg sewer water crap when you can have steel reserve or iron city… those atleast are malt liquor.

  • Haserhud

    He could have easily had his fillings removed, taken out the transmitter and shown it to the world.  That would have made him at least a little bit more credible.

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