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Today’s CEOs should make for easy targets, but unsuprisingly there are not many ads that are ballsy enough to take a hearty pot-shot at these well-deserving targets.  Eristoff Vodka tries to bridge the gap.

Due to it’s length, I’d guess this is a U.K. cinema advertisment (since US television ‘voluntarily’ doesn’t run hard liqour ads. Sissies.), and I think it’s pretty effective.  The somber music and iconic-style camera work sucessfully mock the self-importance of ‘serious’ ads while the ad itself is presented with enough straight face to make the viewer question the comedic intent.  The fact that Eristoff feels comfortable enough to poke fun at their own corporate frontman gives this ad enough of an edge to be memorable.  My only critique would be that it goes on a bit too long for what isn’t necessarily a long joke.

I’d say its worth a 4.  Now I’ll have to try some Eristoff. 

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