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by The Good Reverend on June 9, 2005 · 0 comments

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I have a friend who is a staunch libertarian – while I don’t think I could ever be a full-on card-carrying member, I must admit that I like many of their ideas.  Here’s the latest link he sent my way – FairTax.org.

I don’t presume to be educated enough about the U.S. tax system to get all vociferous about throwing out income tax.  However, I think everyone agrees that our current system is screwed up.  The income tax amendment was added to our Constitution to bleed money from the rich.. which was unfair.  Eighty years later, the rich have figured out that they can pay lawyers to get out of paying their share, so now we have a tax code that bleeds the middle class… also unfair.

The FairTax site is put together well, very comprehensible for us peasantry, and makes a good argument.  Worth the read.

For some interesting (ok.. you may not find it interesting) background on how income tax came into being, check out here or here.  Oh, and lest you think this movement is being led by a couple hermits wearing tinfoil helmets in the Arizona desert, there is actually a bill in Congress (top link in main menu).

I promise my next post will be someone lighting a fart on fire or its equivalent. smile

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