Fanta Z

by alphamonkey on June 16, 2005 · 3 comments

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I’m fairly creeped out by the only Fanta commercial I’ve seen in the US (the one with the multi-cultural bevy of women singing that stupid song over and over), but I find this ad for Fanta Z rather, uh, refreshing.

This is an ad that works not only due to the cleverness of the commercial itself, but because it’s a rare case of true corporate honesty.  Can you imagine Pepsi putting out an ad that said “Hey, we know that Crystal Pepsi tasted like complete ass, but here’s a drink that’ll make up for it”?  I think not.  Kudos to Fanta for having the guts to admit they put out a crappy drink, and for being confident enough to mock themselves over it.  Plus, it’s just a funny ad.


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