Forever Young

by alphamonkey on June 16, 2005 · 0 comments

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It’s been some time since we did a full-on theme day here at Transbuddha.  So today let’s take another look at commercials.  This time around we’ll be browsing adverts that, for some reason or another, are either award winning or have received some acclaim.

First Up:  Playstation

This ad does an eerily adept aping of that iconic scene from Platoon where Elias is left to die by his uncaring rival Barnes, except that in this version someone makes a futile attempt to rescue Elias.  We then get a reveal of a young girl looking startled, as if she’s just awoken from a particularly bad daydream.  Taking Alphaville’s 80’s mixtape classic “Forever Young” and giving it the slowed-down creep effect makes this one rather unsettling commercial.

But is it effective?  In terms of imagery I’d say yes, but (like most PS2) commercials, there’s nothing there to really tie the ad to the product.  I may be reading the intention incorrectly, but the idea that playing Medal of Honor is going to lead to some form of Post Traumatic Stress doesn’t exactly entice me.  So why the accolades?  My guess is that its because the ad’s dreamy atmosphere and imagery are much more striking that you normally encounter in a commercial, but that hardly makes for a great advertisement.

Out of 5 points, I’d give this one at the most a 3.5

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