People doing cool shit with air and water

by The Good Reverend on June 9, 2005 · 0 comments

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The following is a paid advertisement from Transbuddha Industries..

Arrakis…. desert planet.. well not anymore!  Having trouble finding that perfect gift for your Fremen loved one?  Why not woo her heart with an Air-To-Water Converter!

That’s right!  No more beating the piss out of baby sandworms in order to fill your canteen!  Just pop this unit in your cave or office and it will suck water out of the air, blast it with UV light, send it through a high-tech filtration system and leave you with a cold refreshing glass of the good stuff.

So why spend your day in those terribly chafing still suits.. ouch!  Get an Air-To-Water purifier today!

Okay, if you’re not a Dune geek that made no sense.  Sorry.  The other cool thing I found (well, my friend FushigiDenki found) is pretty f’ing amazing if it’s legit.  It’s basically a real-life Jedi rebreather.  Yes, it’s a doubleheader of geekiness.

This contraption actually allows a human to breathe like a fish underwater…well, fish don’t need a 1 kg lithium battery-pack…but close!  Truly a major breakthrough if it’s true.

I realize that I promised a juvenile post after my last one… Tough.  I lied.  Sometimes life is disappointment. 

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