The Buddha Recap 06-25-05

by alphamonkey on June 25, 2005 · 0 comments

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It’s time once again for our weekly recap!  Don, tell us about this week’s winners!

  1. The Pepsi Generation: A fun commercial-driven nostalgia trip to a time when Off the Wall and Thriller could safely sit in the ‘albums unsullied by child molestation accusations’ pile
  2. .

  3. The Rooster Project: This phenomenal animated short had us craving the chicken.
  4. The Birds and the Bees: A slightly NSFW look at the mechanics of pregnancy via two very anatomical hosts.
  5. Dance: This Aussie skit had us moving, groovin’, and chuckling
  6. Emile: Stop motion animation gets it rock monster on.  Awesome!

And thus ends yet another broadcast week for Transbuddha.  See you all Monday! (Bring doughnuts)

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