The Crash Heard ‘Round the World

by alphamonkey on June 16, 2005 · 4 comments

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You know, for a beer that tastes just this side of water that has been aimed at a beer, Heineken makes some great ads.  I like this one more than the (so overdone) robot ad.

The final payoff is telegraphed a mile away, but the execution is what really hits the mark.  Each man’s response gets a little more explicit until the final man, who’s ‘Don’t’ is such a great touch.  Perfect ad.

5 point out of 5. 

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  • fealty2dahriyah

    are we talking heine regular? cuz the dark is sweet. not the greatest dark beer, but damn fine. and I still think it tastes better than the king of B’s. plus, they ahve one of the coolest beer tours that never touches the actual brewery, but it does have a ride about the life of a bottle.

  • Brokton-Otool

    Are you talking about the Heine tour in amsterdam cos they have one of the best tours around their brewery and theres a big pub at the end where you can drink freshly brewed heine. king of beers (apart from singa beer!) blows bud out the water!

  • fealty2dahriyah

    damn right I’m talkin a-dam .

  • Shadow Stalker

    Are you kidding?  That was stupid.  Now if the last scene had been Alec Guiness saying, “It’s as if millions of voices cried out at once, and then were suddenly silenced,” that would have been pretty cool.

    No, on second thought it wouldn’t be.

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