July 2005

It’s time once again for our weekly roundup of those links/vids/games/etc. that brightened up our day. 

What do we have this week?  Take it away Don Pardo!

  • Have You Ever Dreamed of Upgrading: A winsome and whimsical little animation about our favorite future murderous overlords: Robots.

  • The Grid Game: A seemingly random game in which you attempt to get the longest unbroken streak of changes.  Deceptively complex, and hopelessly addictive

  • Family Guy – Take On Me: Chris has a strange and wonderful adventure

  • Grow – RPG: A great update on one of our favorite online timewasters.

  • Middle Finger Man: Finally, a man comes along to show us the indominable spirit and work ethic that has made this great nation proud!

  • So what were your favorites?  Leave a comment or use our nifty rating system to weigh in on your favorite posts this week.! 

    While we’re at it…what’d we leave out?  Send us your Suggestions & Submissions!  Seriously.  We’re dying over here.

    See ya at 8 AM on Monday morning, and this time somebody bring some damn doughnuts. 

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    by alphamonkey on July 29, 2005

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    It’s time for more fun from our pal, SonSon2.  This time it’s the sweet tale of a rabbit, a spider, and the rocket upon which they live.

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    This week it’s a double dose of our favorite LA scenester as we go full on with “Dirty Therapy”, a two parter Fix. 

    Part One: Dirty Laundry

    Part Two: Therapy.

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    Actor/Director/Novelist Alan Cumming debuted his own cologne, called (appropriately enough) “Cumming”. While I typically enjoy his film work, his commercial for the fragrance is absolutely (and unintentionally) hysterical.

    Now I don’t begrudge an actor their moments of pretension (after all, what actor/actress doesn’t have them?), but c’mon!  This spot makes those old Calvin Klein fragrance ads look like a Sunny D commercial in terms of over-the-topness (and bare bottomness). 

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    This older animation wins on a couple fronts: It’s done in a gorgeous style; being very moody and atmospheric with great surreal elements.  It’s also heartbreakingly sad and beautiful.  And, of course, it’s about cats so right there it’s ahead of the game. 

    You might want a tissue handy for this one. .

    Ya, I know I’m a big sap. 

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    The Chemical Brothers new album “Push The Button” has one of the best web tie-ins I’ve ever seen: Galvanizer vs. The Boxer, a catchy (if diificult) little game with an equally catchy soundtrack.  Top-notch!

    Any game that lets you fight with breakdancing is just plain cool.

    Maybe this’ll boost attention for my screenplay about two guys named Turbo and Ozone who use their breakdance prowess to battle vampires on the moon.

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    Sydney agency, The One Centre, launched a campaign called Modelles, running in print, on t.v. and the web. They place old models on a runway with a tag stating, “Old models don’t cut it anymore.” I must say it’s an interesting approach to self-promotion.

    (click on image above for some Dead Sexxay fun, trust us)

    I have only one thing to say…


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    by alphamonkey on July 29, 2005 · 9 comments

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    Here’s a weird little website that I can’t help but suspect has less than honorable intentions: FaceAnalyzer, which purports itself to be capable of accurately analyzing your race and personality via a submitted photo.  Let’s see how it does with say, Karl Rove.

    Karl is about as white as white can be, and it looks like FaceAnalyzer dropped that one by pegging Turd Blossom as 100% Southern European.  That boy is pure Anglo.

    Well, Karl’s mighty crafty so 5.9 intelligence would be about right.  He’s low risk (to himself at least), but I don’t know how that holds up with his recent behavior.  High ambition, but low gay factor.  Yah, that’s about right.

    Here’s my favorite: 4.7 on the honor scale.  Ha-ha!  In your face, FaceAnalyzer! 

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    Pop open a soda and set right back, you will be on this site for a while. Craig has plenty of art to see somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand images, no seriously. His work includes both digital and traditional mediums.

    Craig’s work all has a very similar style, but enough range and interest in subject matter to keep you flabbergasted. I mean, WOW, he’s pretty awesome. I love his use of brush strokes and very rough almost impressionistic look. He’s got some wonderful pieces of art that I would love to own.

    Craig resides in Hawaii where he continues to work as a concept artist and illustrator for many high profile feature films, some you will recognize in his pieces. More about Craig Mullins

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    by alphamonkey on July 29, 2005 · 8 comments

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    Sudoku is a numbers-based puzzle game that’s quite the rage in Britain, I hear.  The monkey no like the math games, but maybe all those residents of the British isles are on to something. 

    Then again, it’s the same country that’s responsible for Survivor and American Idol.  The jerks. 

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