A Photographic Window Into Human History

by The Scarlet Harlot on July 27, 2005 · 0 comments

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Shaun O’Boyle takes us on a poetic trip through abandon boatyards, insane asylums, a girl’s orphanage, hospitals, and many other places of ruin through photographic essays. I am so impressed and can’t stop looking at his images; the haunting reality of what’s left behind when we abandon a place is daunting to say the least and proves to be a piece of cultural history.

(this video is a very small part to his collection)

There are so many great collections; I can’t make up my mind, which is my favorite, so I listed a few.

The Boatyard (the elephants graveyard) – Imagine the stories these ghosts could tell from the depths of their watery graves.

State Hospital for the Insane – I think this poem, written by one of the patients, sums it all up.

Mt. Loretto Girls Orphanage – A soul cries for little minds full of sorrow.

Hospital X – Imagine the ghosts that wonder these halls.

Crypt – This is what happens after death.

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