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Here’s a weird little website that I can’t help but suspect has less than honorable intentions: FaceAnalyzer, which purports itself to be capable of accurately analyzing your race and personality via a submitted photo.  Let’s see how it does with say, Karl Rove.

Karl is about as white as white can be, and it looks like FaceAnalyzer dropped that one by pegging Turd Blossom as 100% Southern European.  That boy is pure Anglo.

Well, Karl’s mighty crafty so 5.9 intelligence would be about right.  He’s low risk (to himself at least), but I don’t know how that holds up with his recent behavior.  High ambition, but low gay factor.  Yah, that’s about right.

Here’s my favorite: 4.7 on the honor scale.  Ha-ha!  In your face, FaceAnalyzer! 

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  • qqqq

    I tried it with a couple of celebs and the funniest one was colin farrel:

    Intelligence: 5.9

    Risk: 4.8

    Ambition: 5.8

    Gay factor: 1.5

    Honor: 4.6


    income: 5.9 ($30,000-$50,000)

    sociability: 5.6

    promiscuity 3.3 (low promiscuity)

    Race: 15% mid. eastern 34&#xan;glo 15&#xso;. asian 36% korean

    celebmatch: adam sandler


  • Sproket

    Be careful adding yourself. They don’t give you a way to remove your account. I’m pretty sure they are only doing this so they can get your email address and targeted information about your race, age, and where you live.

    The only part of it that works worth a damn is the racial profiling. The rest is a joke. Seems to be put there to just get people’s interest and make it viral so they can collect data.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    if that’s the case, what a brilliant ploy… plus they know your self esteem is weak enough to mold.

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    I would say that the racial profiling was completely off on me, but the rest is pretty accurate, or not.

    Racial Profile:

    53% Middle Eastern (?)

    Personality Profile:

    Intelligence Very Intelligent (Damn right!)

    Risk Low Risk

    Ambition Average Ambition

    Gay Factor Low Gay Factor

    Honor Average Honor

    Politeness Low Politeness (I’m very polite, SOB’s)

    Sociability Average Sociability

    Promiscuity Low Promiscuity (what a laugh)

    Your Archetype:

    White Collar

    Celebrity Match:

    Sandra Bullock

  • fullmetal

    high… gay factor??? Mine was TOTALLY wrong, not gay, not risky, uhh… But my celebmatch was… … Sandra Bullock. I don’t even know who that is. Unless that’s the one lady from that one movie. Yewah, that movie. No, not that movie. THAT Movie, YES. THAT movie. It is her? Oh Okay

  • jimbert

    LOW PROMISCUITY!!!! that thing knows nothing!!! but it did say i was very intelligent. But i put another picture of me on it and it said i was very stupid….wierd

  • SonSon2

    You’re right. You are a total whore. We had sex the other night. Dinosaur sex. Oh yeah. You were all like, 2+2=5!!! I said in response: I’m gonna cum on yer’ face.

    Then you left, and I ate sandwiches until 6 in the morning. That was awesome.

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