Go Yellow Goes To Paris

by The Scarlet Harlot on July 8, 2005 · 6 comments

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Here is a little Paris for you Friday. In Paris all things can be accomplished.

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  • Ro

    Blötchen? Blöd, that’s what it is, I tell you! Despite the nipples, btw.

  • http://www.boonhead.com Haserhud

    Can’t we just let this human fad fade away already?

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    does anyone else think she looks like a stoned version of a smiley face in that shot?

  • japhy

    with inflated lips aswell rasberry

  • http://federationofhorsepower.com The Black Glove

    Yep. She sure does. She is a hilarious human being.

    All you need is Black-Glove.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadwstalkr Shadow Stalker

    I think that pic looks like a fat Arnold Schwarzenegger with makeup.  Nice ass though.

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